Register Now

In order to begin services to improve your child’s skills, please be prepared to provide the necessary items on this list: 

• A prescription from your Primary Care Physician for the therapy your child will receive. You can call their referral line and ask them to fax this to us at

*** Due to the delays and limited staffing at doctors’ offices, please be sure to have your child’s prescription for therapy services ready before registering. We are not able to obtain this for you.

• A copy of any previous evaluations completed within the past six months

• Current photo of your insurance card (front and back)

• Current copy of your child’s IFSP/IEP if applicable

• The name of your Service Coordinator if applicable

If you have questions or need help gathering these items please email us at [email protected]

Covid Procedures Update

The Joshua Tree clinics generally follow the same procedures as the school system in the area

If this is not the level of caution you are comfortable with, please consider our telehealth program during this time!

Current Covid Procedures

Waiting rooms are closed, so please meet your therapist at the door

Masks are optional

We do not take temperatures. Please do not come to the clinic if anyone in your home has any cold or flu symptoms

Toys, equipment, and table/mat surfaces are disinfected between therapy

Please walk your child by the hand directly into the therapy room. Therapists
need to disinfect their own hands between each session!